Legal Services and Business Coaching that

Help You Avoid the Pitfalls When Growing your Business

Get the guidance you can use to grow your company smarter

Legal Services and Business Coaching that

Help You Avoid the Pitfalls When Growing Your Business

Get the guidance you can use
to grow your company smarter





Legal Services



Business Coaching

What’s keeping you up at night?

Gaston & Gaston helps you avoid and solve any troubles facing you and your business

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Experienced Guidance to Solve Your Business Problems


Legal Services

When your legal matters are done right, you’ll save time, money, and stress. The peace of mind is priceless.



Get reliable support in a timely fashion. Have a guide to walk with you on your journey to business success.


Business Coaching

Winning in the game of business can cost a lot of time, money and stress. We help you sidestep the traps so you can level-up as fast as possible.

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We have been using Gaston and Gaston as our legal counsel for our restaurant groups for the better part of the last decade. Very professional, reasonable, knowledgeable, and communicative. Strongly recommended.

Matt G.
Extremely honest, open, and reliable. With other law firms I contacted they wanted an immediate $2500 retainer payment without even telling me if they could help or not. I spoke with an attorney from this law firm, who laid out my options for me and even stated my best options would be to handle the dispute I was having on my own (without charging me for the consultation).
Brett J.

I have known the Gaston & Gaston team for many years. The Gaston team is my go-to resource for any questions on business legal issues. The team’s specialty is business litigation, but they advise on ways a business can avoid litigation and minimize stressful legal issues.

I strongly recommend Gaston & Gaston to any business looking for outsourced legal counsel or an aggressive firm needed for a business dispute.

Jeremy D.

Fred has an amazing team of experts. The Gaston & Gaston team helped us through a difficult time and was able to reach a settlement for us. From the front office to the top. We were always treated with professionalism while being provided with a level of comfort that satisfied our emotions. We would highly recommend the Gaston team!

Doug C.

Experienced guidance to solve your business problems

Business Formation

Unsure of the best legal structure for your company? We can help you pick the best option and get it setup properly.

Contracts & Licensing

When your legal agreements are done correctly, you’ll save
time, money, and stress.


Our experienced attorneys at Gaston & Gaston will make sure you get the best deal possible.


Litigation can be stressful.
Let Gaston & Gaston give you peace of mind and guide you to success.

Buy/Sell Agreements

The numerous options in a buy/sell agreement can be overwhelming. We will help you get the best deal.

Dispute Resolutions

Disputes can be stressful and distracting. Gaston & Gaston can help you solve disputes quickly.

Why work with Gaston & Gaston

Three generations of serving
small business

Fellow small
business owners

Deep & wide range
of experience

Legal Fees

problem solvers

Growing a company can be filled with stress, anxiety and frustration. At Gaston & Gaston APLC we know you want to avoid costly legal issues. We know how confusing it can be trying to make decisions that can drastically affect your company and your clients. We know that you just want to focus on growing your business.

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